Ethics Policy and Reporting an Ethics Concern

Ethics are our foundation and not optional. Doing what is right and correcting what is wrong is critical to our success. Our Company’s Ethics Policy states that the highest standards of ethical business conduct is required of employees in performance of their responsibilities.  We believe that everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns.  Every employee has the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations and express concerns regarding compliance with the Ethics Policy.

As part of  our policy, we are providing a confidential reporting mechanism for employees to be able to anonymously report any ethical concerns.

The following is the procedure that will be used for reporting a concern.

  1. Enter your concern, question, or comments in the Ethics Concern box and submit.
  2. The anonymous Ethics Concern will be emailed directly to the HR Manager.
  3. Each email notification will be assigned a Case Number.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the HR Manager to maintain a log of each case number, the situation, and action taken.


    Please clearly explain your ethics concern.